Friday, 16 January 2015

My Guide to Vintage Shopping

I love vintage shopping - I love the idea that nobody will have the exact same item as me, and because of the random nature of vintage stores, every purchase feels like a precious find - much more exciting that walking into Topshop and picking up the item displayed on the mannequin (although that is fun too) But vintage shopping can seem a little daunting at first, so here is my five step guide to make it a little bit easier. 

1. Always try it on
In a vintage store, you're likely to come across cuts and styles that you haven't seen before. Also, as everything is one of a kind, you can't rely on the fact that "I'm always a size 10". Therefore, if anything takes your eye about an item: the colour, print or material, make sure that you try it on. 

2. If you like it, buy it
Unlike high street shopping, that dress in a vintage store might not be there next week. You certainly can't go home, think about it, and order it later online. If you like it, buy it there and then, or you might regret it. 

3. Check the quality
Most vintage shops do check their items are of a high quality. But you should still always check that there are no missing buttons, dirty hems or broken zips. If you take the item home and then discover the fault, you might struggle to get a return. 

4. Be open-minded
As I said before, you might come across styles that you haven't seen previously when vintage shopping. Therefore, if you love the print of a skirt, but it's too long, or you like the style of a dress but it's too big, don't be scared of taking the item to a tailors and being made to fit you. 

5. Take your time
Vintage shopping isn't as easy as shopping on the high street - it's important to search every rail in order to find that precious vintage gem. You might leave one store with armfuls of clothes, and leave another one with nothing at all, that's just the way it is. 

Have you had any vintage finds recently? 

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Inspired by the lovely Amy (who was also inspired by this post) I've decided to create a journal this year. My mum bought me a beautiful black leather Moleskine notebook as a gift for passing my driving test back in March and it's been sat empty on my shelf ever since, as I couldn't think of anything worthy of being written or drawn in that book.

Then I came across the idea of a journal: a combination of writing, drawing, sketches, doodles and cutting-and-sticking, this seemed like the perfect thing for me. I'm not claiming to be wonderfully creative - in fact I'm quite the opposite, but I would like to change that and I think that this journal will help me.

So today I did the first page: a little list of aims for 2015. I realise that it's a little late to start making plans two weeks into the year, but I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for the opening page.

I'm collecting inspiration for later pages on Pinterest, you can find my 'Journal' board here

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Luaby Costa de Los Gigantes

I recently went on holiday with my boyfriend and his family to Tenerife. This was my first experience of a hot, all-inclusive holiday, as my parents prefer towing the caravan to Northumberland in August, so this was a slight change of scene. It was warm and lovely and the week essentially consisted of sitting down, laying down and eating in a variety of different locations. The hotel was beautiful, as was the black sand beach. 

We were there over New Year and sunbathing on New Year's Eve was certainly a strange but enjoyable experience. When we had to come back to England, landing at midnight when the temperature was -1 was a bit of a shock to the system. 

The week was a perfect opportunity to try out my Christmas present from my parents: a Canon Powershot bridge camera.

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