Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Any Size (As Long As You're 5'10")

The internet has had a bit of a stir today, after Jamelia made some comments about people who are smaller than a size 6 or bigger than a size 16... she basically said that they shouldn't be catered for on the high street. Jameela Jamil (personally one of my favourite human beings of all time) hit back with this brilliant article, about how people shouldn't be made to feel ashamed of their bodies whatever their size.

But the thing which I feel always gets left out of the 'love your body' campaigns, is something which really cannot be changed: height.

At 5'4" I am a pretty average UK woman, but I am bombarded with images of women who are 5'10" and above. These women are beautiful, but they don't represent all women.

I'm a UK size 10, which is on the smaller end of the spectrum. But if I chose, I could probably make myself a size 6 and I could probably make myself a size 18. I physically cannot make myself six inches taller. So no matter how many 'plus size' mannequins and models are shown on the high street and in magazines, I, along with millions of other women, am still not represented.

My point? If the fashion industry are going to really start representing women of all shapes and sizes, can they please do it properly?

I want to see women who are short. Women who are tall. Women who are a size 4. Women who are a size 28. Women with stretch marks and acne scars. Women with size 8 feet. Women with size 3 feet. Women with small boobs, big boobs, flat bums, peachy bums, toned stomachs and muffin tops.

And don't just show people at either end of the spectrum, include everyone along the scale so that nobody is left thinking 'why can't I look like that?'

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

An Imagined Place

Headband - Primark
Top - River Island
Watch - Michael Kors
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Converse

It's great to see that summer seems to be on its way, but in the world of the student that means only one thing: deadlines. I have three essays to write and one exam to study for... maybe I should be doing that rather than taking outfit photos and writing on my blog?

This skirt was an absolute bargain, it was only £1! Spotted in the reduced section of Primark (student budgeting at its finest) the bright green makes a simple skater skirt a statement piece. Such a bold coloured piece can sometimes be difficult to wear, but as it was so cheap it doesn't matter if I hardly wear it. 

After seeing all of the Coachella photos on Instagram, I wanted to add a festival vibe to today's outfit, which is why I went for the floral headband. It's a really summery piece which makes the outfit feel especially cute, and a backcombed updo is always a great option for unwashed hair. 

How are you guys preparing for summer? 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Jeans - Red Herring
Cardigan - Moda at Asda
Bracelet - Pandora
Sandals - Primark

Today was the first day that I've worn sandals this year, and it's great to know that spring has truly arrived! Naturally, this being England, I couldn't leave the house in April without having a cardigan just in case the weather tuned cool.

These jeans were a great find in the Red Herring range at Debenhams - they're called Holly! They're supposed to be anklegrazers but as you can see, because I'm a little on the short side, they don't really have that effect on me. However I was really drawn to the pale colour, and figured the slightly shorter length means that they'll look good with sandals and ballet pumps through the summer.

The nail varnish I'm wearing is my new favourite shade, after receiving a set of miniatures for Christmas, I will certainly be buying the full-size version when it inevitably runs out.

I'm not opposed to supermarket clothes, and this Asda cardigan is no exception! I've seen very similar styles (for a lot more money) in places like Urban Outfitters. With a student budget to contend with, I like to think that it's more about how you wear something than how much it cost.

I've been home from university this past week, and it's been lovely to relax at home with family and catch up with old friends. Today I went on a very unsuccessful shopping trip with an old school friend, but getting 40% student discount on our Pizza Express lunch went down very well indeed!

What have you all been doing this Easter?