Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Jeans - Red Herring
Cardigan - Moda at Asda
Bracelet - Pandora
Sandals - Primark

Today was the first day that I've worn sandals this year, and it's great to know that spring has truly arrived! Naturally, this being England, I couldn't leave the house in April without having a cardigan just in case the weather tuned cool.

These jeans were a great find in the Red Herring range at Debenhams - they're called Holly! They're supposed to be anklegrazers but as you can see, because I'm a little on the short side, they don't really have that effect on me. However I was really drawn to the pale colour, and figured the slightly shorter length means that they'll look good with sandals and ballet pumps through the summer.

The nail varnish I'm wearing is my new favourite shade, after receiving a set of miniatures for Christmas, I will certainly be buying the full-size version when it inevitably runs out.

I'm not opposed to supermarket clothes, and this Asda cardigan is no exception! I've seen very similar styles (for a lot more money) in places like Urban Outfitters. With a student budget to contend with, I like to think that it's more about how you wear something than how much it cost.

I've been home from university this past week, and it's been lovely to relax at home with family and catch up with old friends. Today I went on a very unsuccessful shopping trip with an old school friend, but getting 40% student discount on our Pizza Express lunch went down very well indeed!

What have you all been doing this Easter?

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