Thursday, 15 January 2015


Inspired by the lovely Amy (who was also inspired by this post) I've decided to create a journal this year. My mum bought me a beautiful black leather Moleskine notebook as a gift for passing my driving test back in March and it's been sat empty on my shelf ever since, as I couldn't think of anything worthy of being written or drawn in that book.

Then I came across the idea of a journal: a combination of writing, drawing, sketches, doodles and cutting-and-sticking, this seemed like the perfect thing for me. I'm not claiming to be wonderfully creative - in fact I'm quite the opposite, but I would like to change that and I think that this journal will help me.

So today I did the first page: a little list of aims for 2015. I realise that it's a little late to start making plans two weeks into the year, but I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for the opening page.

I'm collecting inspiration for later pages on Pinterest, you can find my 'Journal' board here

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