Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Film Review: Joy

When I saw that there was a new film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, made by the same people who brought us Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, I was pretty much sold already, without knowing too much about the plot.

Inspired by true events, Joy follows the story of the eponymous character which is told from her grandmother's point of view, which I personally found to be a really interesting perspective on the story. 

Joy is a single mother living in an overcrowded home: she lives with her grandmother and daughter, her mother who won't leave her room and constantly watches TV, her ex-husband lives in the basement and her father is forced to move in after his latest relationship breaks down. 

The story is that of the underdog - Joy lives a pretty miserable life and then comes up with an invention which she hopes will see her out of poverty. Overseen by her new boss, played by Bradley Cooper (it was interesting to see the pair playing colleagues instead of lovers and both gave a very convincing performance) Joy must overcome many hurdles to reach success. 

Spoiler alert: it doesn't end with Joy meeting the love of her life, she neither reunites with her ex-husband nor falls in love with Cooper's character. She loves her daughter unconditionally and relies on the advice of her childhood friend. It's a story about an inspirational woman who achieves ultimate success by herself. 

I loved it. 

Joy is out in cinemas now. 

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