Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Getting in to Make Up

Recently I've been taking more of an interest in make-up. I've started slowly, and haven't been raiding the Mac or Benefit counters just yet, but I have started to move away from the products I've been using since the age of thirteen.

As someone who has battled with acne for over half my life, I think that whenever I saw someone with perfect skin I always assumed that it was simply because they actually did have perfect skin. But since watching beauty bloggers such as My Pale Skin Blog, I've realised that a lot of it actually comes down to some pretty incredible make up skills.

I think that the main reason I've always been reluctant to invest in make up is because it is quite difficult to try before you buy. A quick swatch on the back of your hand isn't always the best indicator of if the product will suit your skin tone, it also gives no idea of how long the product will last - especially in the hot conditions that I work in.

On a recent trip to Leeds I visited the Kiko Milano store. While I was there I bought two products: Soft Touch Blush in shade 107 and Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in shade 100.

The products were towards the upper bracket of the drug store market, the blush was £7.50 and the highlighter was in their sale: reduced from £8.50 to £4.20.

I invested in Kiko because a friend recommended it to me, as a fellow acne sufferer, I do trust her judgement when it comes to make up.

Once I have given these products a thorough test drive I will be sure to write a review!

What are your favourite beauty products?

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